300 photographers
35 countries

Some 300 professional photographers in some 35 countries have enthusiastically volunteered to participate. Among them:



Francisco (93) & Hinda (89) Wichter photographed by Magali Druscovich in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Who We Are

Rina Castelnuovo

An Israeli photographer and filmmaker and one of Israel’s most awarded photojournalists. Rina began her career four decades ago with the Associated Press and for the past 27 years photographed for The New York Times in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, covering war and peace in the Middle East.


Jim Hollander

An award-winning American photographer with a career spanning more than four decades. Jim served as Chief Photographer and editor for Israel and the Palestinian Authority with UPI, Reuters and epa, and has covered conflicts and other international news in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. His long-standing passion for Spain led to his books Run To The Sun, (2002)  and Pizarra to Pamplona (2016). Jim and Rina have been married for 35 years.



Chagai Rot

Ph.D. biologist on Bone Development at Weizmann Institute of Science. Project producer/coordinator.

Yuval Rakavy

Renowned Israeli "technology guru" and an avid photographer who, together with his wife Michal, share their love and passion for the arts.

Anna-Patricia Kahn

Director of CLAIRbyKahn Gallery, curates exhibitions, edits photography books and collaborates with international collectors and artists.

Randy Cole

Principle and Founder of Randy Cole Represents, an American agency working worldwide with creative, award-winning photographers, directors and artists.

Regional Consultants

Judah Passow

Photographer based in London. His work has been published extensively by all of the leading British newspapers and their associated magazines. His book Shattered Dreams (2008) covers 25 years of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Judah is a frequent lecturer on photojournalism at British universities.

Heidi Levine

An American photojournalist who, over the course of her photojournalism career, has covered the most critical moments in the Middle East and has won a myriad of awards for her coverage of conflicts.

Lise Cohen & Howard Cohen

Research and production coordination, based in Colorado, USA, for The Lonka Project.

​​Jean-Luc Landier

Served as Deputy Director of the Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah (FMS) in Paris. He is an advocate for preserving Holocaust memory.

Tova Fish-Rosenberg

Creator and producer of "Names, Not Numbers," an Intergenerational Holocaust Oral History Film Documentary Project. To date, some 6,000 students have participated in the project together with 2,000 survivors in the US, Canada, and Israel.


Dr. Laignel-Lavastine

French historian, philosopher, and author of academic books on Holocaust history. Dr. Lavastine has taught at the Sorbonne.

Nella Magen Cassouto 

Worked as an art curator at The Israel Museum and curated exhibitions in Europe, the USA, and South America.



Additional Assistance


Colette Avital, Center Organization of Holocaust Survivors in Israel

​​Brian J. Gale, website

Bradley Burston, text editing

Howard Goller, text editing

Patrick Roberts, graphics direction

Nati Shohat, director Flash '90, Jerusalem

Jeffrey Smith, executive director Contact Press Images, NYC

Harry D. Wall, journalist, advocacy and consulting

Lauren Winfield, content director Magnum, NYC

Ohad Zwigenberg, Ha'aretz photographer

Tsafrir Abayov, photographer