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In Times of Coronavirus

Corona closures and isolation are becoming part of our daily life and undoubtedly will save lives. 


The Lonka Project collaborated with journalist Iris Klieger, daughter of the late Noah Klieger, a survivor of the Holocaust. The article was published in Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel's leading daily newspaper, on March 24, 2020.

"They are 80+, some are over 100, and now they are spending their time in isolation, away from their family members. But these Holocaust survivors have a lot to teach the younger generations about resilience and hope."

Photographic portraits from The Lonka Project, from left to right:

Yosef Dekel, age 105

"I keep telling my children to keep away and stay home, don’t come to visit. Period. I'm fine. Until this is over, I keep in touch with both Skype and Zoom.

With sister

Rivka Helfand, age 94

"Life taught me to be iron strong. When you ask me if I'm afraid of the corona, you are actually asking me gently if I'm afraid of dying. So my answer is no, I'm not afraid of death! I've met him too many times face to face. Presently I think only positive thinking."

Photographed by

Amir Levy

Dov Landau, age 92

“This you call suffering?" asks Dov Landau. "Staying at home with food?! There's TV,  a computer, a phone and you even have those movies, what do you call it - Netflix? So what on earth is your problem to stay home and guard yourself and your family!!! Learn from someone who survived the worse in extermination camps, without food, no family left, for months and months...... this period will pass and we will come out reinforced and united.“

Photographed by

Nati Shohat

Judith Barnea & Lia Hoover, age 82

Mengele twins

" We're always together, but for the first time we must be separated.”

The sisters are optimistic, but in the Corona crisis there are factors that bring them back to the trauma.

"I've been through much harder things. If you have food, even just bread, stay home and remember that when you stay home - you keep us alive."

Photographed by

Ohad Zwigenberg

​Moshe Barth, age 94

"I won - I have three sons, 13 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren. I consider myself a Winner. I survived Auschwitz, we will survive the Corona too."

​Photographed by

Yonatan Sindel

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           Inaugural Exhibition at the United Nations


The Lonja Project will be inaugurated on January 27, 2020 at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Here is the UN page link. One can register for the reception to be held on January 28th at 3 PM for free entry.


Portraits of 14 Holocaust survivors made in the Europa Café in Los Angeles photographed by Ethan Pines (USA)

The Lonka Project will have a multi-media screening on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, 2020 in the Yad Mordechai Museum, Israel.

Entrance is free and the program begins at 6 PM.

A screening was also held in the Willy-Brandt Haus, Berlin, Germany on the same night.

 Dorothy Bohm with her Rolleiflex camera in London photographed by Marrisa Roth (USA)

An article in the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth with the headline "Let The World Never Forget" dealing with The Lonka Project exhibition in the United Nations.

Photo credits:

Left: Fannie Ben-Ami was photographed in Jerusalem by Alex Kolomoisky (Israel)

Center: Marie Nahmias was photographed in Ramat HaSharon by Shaul Golan (Israel)

Right: Moshe Haelyon was photographed in Tel Aviv by Avigail Uzi (Israel)

Published January 15, 2020


Feature article published in Israel HaYom Magazine


Friday, January 17, 2020


Written by Hanan Greenwood.

Photo Credits:

Top Page:

Left - Gideon Markowicz (Israel) photographed Motek Mordechai Szymonowicz in Petah Tikva, Israel.

Right - Miri Tzachi photographed Jim and Rina at home in Beit Zayit, Israel.

Bottom Page:

Left -  Yechiel Hakoen (Israel) photographed Dov Landau in Benei Brak, Israel.

Center - Tomasz Lazar (Poland) photographed Madeleine Kahn in Saint-Paul de Vence, France.

Right, top - Andy Anderson (USA) photographed Ben Ferencz in Delray Beach, Florida, USA.

Right, below - Ohad Zwigenberg (Israel) photographed Lia Huber and her twin sister, Judith Barnea (R) in Ra'anana, Israel.

Photographer Andy Anderson had a nice article titled 'Photographers Capture the Present, Preserving History' about his photo session with Ben Ferencz.

Published in PhotoPolitic, early December 2109.


A partial screengrab from Ai-AP about The Lonka Project inauguration in the United Nations headquarters in New York City.


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Photo credits:


Four Auschwitz survivors photographed in Tel Aviv by Ziv Koren (Israel)


Nat Shaffir, a marathon runner who scaled Mount Kilimanjaro photographed in Washington DC by Dave Burnett (USA)D


Auschwitz survivor Rachel Gottlieb photographed in Staten Island, NY, USA by Shira Stoll (USA)

Not in the clip:

Rene Slotkin memorabilia photographed in New York City by Ron Haviv (USA)

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Feature story in The Guardian, UK

'A terrible past': photography project captures last Holocaust survivors.

by Oliver Holmes

Jerusalem correspondent.

Photo credits include:

Judith with Eliran Keren (L) visits the Mediterranean Sea at Kibbutz Magen Michael, Israel photographed by Jim Hollander (USA)

Not visible here, but in the story:

Four Auschwitz survivors photographed in Tel Aviv by Ziv Koren (Israel)

Marion Bazmen photographed in Tel Aviv with her granddaughter by Tomer Neuberg (Israel)

Eva Schloss, a child hood friend of Anne frank, photographed in London by Stuart Franklin (UK)

Ben Ferencz of the Nuremberg Trials photographed in Delray Beach, Florida by Andy Anderson (USA)

Motek Mordechai Szymonowicz tells his story of survival for the first time to family members in Petah Tikva, Israel photographed by Gideon Markowicz (Israel) (Israel)y Beach, Florida by Andy Anderson (USA)

The Royal Photographic Society magazine, February 2020

Left Page:

Nat Shaffir photographed in Washington DC by Dave Burnett (USA)

Double page. Top Left:

Mordechai Perlov photographed in Johannesburg, South Africa by Roger Ballen (USA)

Right, clockwise from top:

Four Auschwitz survivors in Tel Aviv photographed by Ziv Koren (Israel)

Joe Alexander photographed in Los Angeles by Davis Factor (USA)

Motke Blum photographed in Jerusalem by Hadas Porush (Israel)

Dorothy Bohm (with Rolleiflex camera) photographed in London by Marissa Roth (USA)

Botton Left:

Dr. Eleonora 'Lonka' Nass with her husband Dr. Jerzy Nass from the family album.

Leica Fotografie International, Germany

Including photographs:

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Taub photographed in Jerusalem  by Abir Sultan (Israel)

Danilo Nikolic photographed in Sarajevo by Armin Smailovic (Bosnia)

Franz Michalski photographed in Hamburg by Maurice Weiss (Germany)

Mordechai Perlov photographed in Johannesburg, South Africa by Roger Ballen (USA)

Ha'aretz Magazine, Israel - January 27, 2020 Marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day

by Dina Kraft

Lead photograph of Agnes Keleti, 99 years old, in Budapest, photographed for The Lonka Project by Bear Bar Kallos (Israel, Hungary)

Additional Photographs in the article:

Nat Shaffir was photographed in Washington DC by Dave Burnett (USA)

Renata Laxova with her dog Breenie were photographed in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, by Mike Nelson (USA)

Ralph Hakman was photographed in Los Angeles by Barbara Davidson (Canada)

Ruby Sosnowicz was photographed in Boca Raton, Florida by Mauricio Candela (USA)

Halina Birenbaum and her son Yakov Gilad were photographed in Tel Aviv by Vardi Kahana (Israel)

David Marks was photographed in Sherman, Connecticut, USA by Howard Schatz (USA)

Prof. Renata Reisfeld was photographed in Jerusalem by Debbie Hill (USA)

Gerda Weissmann Klein was photographed in Phoenix, Arizona, USA by Patrick Zachmann (France)

Article by Jessica Steinberg                           Published January 27, 2020


Pictured above:

Judith Rosenberg, 96, photographed in Glasgow, Scotland by Judah Passow (UK)

Others on the website:

Four Auschwitz survivors in Tel Aviv by Ziv Koren (Israel)

Gabriel Moked photographed in Tel Aviv by Eyal Warshavsky (Israel)

Madeleine Kahn photographed in Saint-Paul de Vence, France by Tomasz Lazar.

                  Photograph by Anna-Patricia Kahn.

Ginette Kolinka photographed in Paris by Jane Evelyn Atwood (USA)

Moshe Avital photographed in New Rochelle, New York by Ed Kashi (USA)

Lia Huber and Judith Barnea photographed in Ra'anana, Israel by Ohad Zwigenberg (Israel)

Yossi Weiss photographed in Haifa harbor, Israel by Eldad Rafaeli (Israel)

The Lonka Project coverage by epa (European Pressphoto Agency) of the reception in the United Nations and the multi-media event in Yad Mordechai, Israel.

Both events mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day & the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

New York City UN photos by Peter Foley                                    Yad Mordechai photos by Abir Sultan

Huge thanks to Randy Cole Represents in New York City for all the support and all the remarkable photographers who joined the project. You all went to extraordinary lengths to make memorable portraits that will enlighten and educate for years to come.

Spacial thanks to Evi Ginzburg who worked with Ethan Pines and the 14 survivors in the Europa Café in Los Angeles

In the Swiss magazine

Israel Zwischenzeilen online.

(see link above in white)

Featuring a photograph of Alex Gross with family members in Florida photographed by  Lauren Koplowitz (USA)

Additional photographs in the story:

Gerda Weissmann Klein photographed in Phoenix, Arizona by Patrick Zachmann (France)

Ida Iosifovna Spector photographed in Moscow by James Hill (UK, France)

David Marks photographed in Sherman, Connecticut by Howard Schatz (USA)

Article in The Jerusalem Post January 5, 2020 about the exhibition in the United Nations in New York City.

See link above, in white.

ZEIT ONLINE                                                 Feb. 27, 2020

17 Photographs, as follows:

​​1.  Roger Ballen (USA, South Africa) photographed Mordechai Perlov in Johannesburg.

2.  Steve McCurry (USA) photographed Sonia Kam and sister Hannie Dauman in New York City.

3.  Eyal Warshavsky (Israel) photographed Gabriel Moked in Tel Aviv.

4.  Davis Factor (USA) photographed Joe Alexander in the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.

5.  Tomasz Lazar (Poland) photographed Madeleine Kahn in  Saint-Paul de Vence, France.

6.  Maurice Weiss (German) photographed Franz Michalski in Berlin.

7.  Jim Hollander (USA) photographed Judith in Kibbutz Magen Michaeil, Israel.

8.  Abir Sultan (Israel) photographed Rabbi Menachem Mendel Taub in Jerusalem.

9.  Jane Evelyn Atwood (USA, France) Photographed Ginette Kolinka in Paris.

10. Andy Anderson (USA) photographed Ben Ferencz in Delray Beach, Florida.

11. Marissa Roth (USA) photographed Dorothy Bohm in London.

12. Gilles Peress (France) photographed Ryszard Horowitz in New York City.

13. Moti Milrod (Israel) photographed Eliezer and Rachel Greenfeld in Holon, Israel.

14. Ed Kashi (USA) photographed Moshe Avital in New Rochelle, New York.

15. Eldad Rafaeli (Israel) photographed Yossi Weiss in Haifa, Israel.

16. Armin Smailovic (Bosnia) photographed Danilo Nikolić in Sarajevo.

17. Peter Turnley (USA, France) photographed Perhia in Paris.


A translation of the article:

Some have dedicated their lives to the work of the Holocaust, others could not speak for 40 years. The Lonka Project portrayed survivors.

By 2019, around 250 photographers from 26 countries have joined forces to search for the latest Holocaust survivors in their own countries. They have people photographed where they feel they belong, and tell them how they have lived and passed on.

Alas for the Lonka Project, it is the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The project was initiated by Jim Hollander and Rina Castelnuovo in Jerusalem. The Lonka Project does not, however, tell only about the survivors of the German concentration camps, but also to the Soviet Gulags. The idea was disseminated from photographer to photographer, on a voluntary basis. Maurice Weiss, one of the respected German photographers, says, "By this, the images could be so human, beautiful and surprisingly different."



Dear Rina and Jim,

I had a very emotional shoot yesterday. In working through the weeks and process of setting up this portrait session I had not given much thought to what to expect emotionally when talking and spending time with our subject. I have traveled the world and photographed children in Africa for Operation Smile, Ethiopian Jews being resettled in Israel for Hadassah, teens in NYC for Avenues for Justice for over 20 yrs. but never a 94-year-old in Brooklyn who still lives his past like it is today. It was a rewarding two hours spent with an amazing survivor and example of the unsung heroes of the Holocaust. Shmuel is open and willing to share his experiences which are horrendous. He lives them every day without the ability to block them out. I did not expect that. He is a kind person who has raised a family of four children and now many grandchildren but he is not able to share his happiness and that was what affected me more than anything. My drive home and last evening I relived our conversations. I am intrigued by what others have encountered and felt as they processed the photo sessions. Shmuel is angry at the world and especially the Jews for not teaching the next generations about these atrocities that he experienced. It took him decades before he was able to share his experiences but I don’t think it has been a healing, more of a cause, and at 94 he doesn’t have the same energy to share his story. I am grateful for his two hours and cherish my time.b

From photographer Marty Umans who photographed Holocaust survivor Samuel Beller, age 94, in his home in, New York.  March 14, 2020

We are sad to announce a Facebook post from photographer Shira Stoll informing of the passing of Rachel Gottlieb, born in 1924 in Romania, who lived in Staten Island, New York. Rachel survived the Auschwitz death camp as number 7564 and spent, and also the Bergen-Belsen camp and a Death march. “Miracles,” she told me. “Everybody from the Holocaust they’re here because big miracles,” recounts Shira in her post, quoting Rachel.

One final note - Rachel had a motto. She would always say “Who came back from the Holocaust can give you a blessing: Be well and live long.”

MISCAR - Remember        Issue #64
Center Organization of Holocaust Survivors in Israel

75th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation


Received from Colette Avital    March 26, 2020

Center Page

Left: Dr. Renata Laxova photographed by Michal Nelson in Madison, WI, USA.

Right: David Marks photographed by Howard Schatz in Sherman, CN, USA.

Bottom: Nat Shaffir photographed by Dave Burnett in Washington DC, USA.

Right Page

Left: Lia Hoover & her twin sister, Judith Barnea photographed by Ohad Zwigenberg in Ra'anana, Israel.

Right: Ralph Hakman photographed by Barbara Davidson in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Bottom: Ruby Sosnowicz photographed by Mauricio Candela in Boca Ration, FL, USA.

Very sad to report that Horace Hecht, born in1922 in Berlin, passed away several weeks after he and his wife Mildred posed for portraits for The Lona Project. In 1943, the Nazis shipped him off to Auschwitz with his family where his wife, his parents, three sisters and four-year-old nephew were murdered.

Photographed by Cindy Karp in Miami, Florida, March 1, 2020.